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Ways to Care your for Your Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair are beautiful and splendid, and that's why they've be a fashion statement along with a symbol of status of and in themselves. However, through they're certainly worthwhile, extensions are costly and really should be treated being an investment. They may be worn for approximately annually or even more but still look great using the good care and conditioning. Much like your natural hair your extensions have to be taken proper care of if you would like these to last and appear good. Let us face the facts,the entire reason for buying costly extensions is to look great, because you are fabulous and you have to look fabulous whatsoever occasions.
You will find 3 phases involved with taking care of you virgin hair extensions. The very first phase is pre-install, the time period before you decide to have your extensions installed. During pre-install, the very first factor you need to do is seal your wefts on sides. This is actually the best part of preserving the durability of the extensions. Sealing your wefts could keep your extensions from shedding. There's nothing worse than putting on a shedding weave, it's embarrassing. So, seal individuals wefts! I suggest Shed Stop Weft Sealer for Extensions you will find a 1 ounce bottle on  amazon.com for any little under $13.00. You may also manage to find it at the local beauty supply. After your weft sealant has completely dried, co wash your extensions having a cleansing conditioner. Don't Use SHAMPOO! Sorry for yelling, however this can not be stressed enough. Shampooing your virgin extensions can leave them dry and dull. Lastly, show just a little virgin hair love having a deep conditioning. your extensions will thanks.

The 2nd phase of fixing your virgin extensions may be the actual install. There are just a couple of things you need to know here. 1. Don't reduce your extensions. Should you cut the wefts in your virgin extensions they'll shed even though you applied weft sealer. Should you leave your wefts intact after your wefts are sealed you will notice hardly any shedding. So, rather of reducing your wefts, switch them. 2. Stay away from connecting or glue if possible. Yes, you could have virgin extensions glued or quick weaved when you purchase. However, the procedure accustomed to removed the glue in the hair tracts also weakens the tract, and you are to shedding.
The final phase of fixing your hair extensions may be the fun part, rocking that fabulous hair, There's something you need to know. As your extensions aren't mounted on your scalp they do not take advantage of the skin oils that the scalp produce. To be able to stay soft and glossy your extensions have to be moisturized. Avoid using hair grease. Hair grease does not dry and can cause your extensions to matte and beard. I suggest using argan oil to moisturize your extensions and also to prevent damage when utilizing styling irons. I understand it is a discomfort but yes, you still need tie hair up night, (beauty is discomfort.) Sleep inside a silk or sating scarf and try to use a top quality wig brush. Should you follow these couple of easy steps you'll safeguard neglect the and revel in your virgin extensions for several weeks in the future.

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