четвртак, 19. октобар 2017.


Hello lovely people! 
Halloween is that time of the year when you can dress up and be whoever you want to be! 
Today I picked only a small number of Rosegal Halloween stuff, so if you are interested in seeing more you can check it out on their website! 
Rosegal offers a wide range of halloween items, such as clothes, costumes, accessories, masks, pillow casses, wall stickers..
Also I want to present you new promotion. For more info click here.

среда, 18. октобар 2017.


Hello lovely people, welcome back to my blog!
Halloween is around the corner. So, in todays post I want to show you some cool halloween items that I found on Rosegal online store. 
Rosegal offers a wide range of halloween items (HERE) such as clothes, costumes, accessories, masks, pillow casses, wall stickers...
Don't know what to wear for the halloween? 
Go to Rosegal and find some amazing halloween items! Check out my wishlist below!
Enjoy and dont forget visit Rosegal blog (click here)

уторак, 17. октобар 2017.


Hello lovely people, welcome back to my blog!
 Halloween is just around the corner! 
 Have you got your costume yet? No? Don't worry! :) 
Today I present you amazing online shop store - Rosegal

Rosegal is one the biggest online stories, there you can find everything at attractive price (clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, make up, cosmetics...) Today I want to show yoo one cathegory - tops

Also Rosegal offers a wide range of Halloween items such clothes, costumes, accessories, masks, pillow casses, wall stickers...

Twinkledeals wishlist

Hello lovely people! 
Today I am collaborating with Twinkledeals, an online site with clothes, shoes, bags and more. Since the colder weather is getting closer, in this post I am showing you my favorite must - haves for fall. 
My favorites are definitely coats and boots.
I hope you will enjoy!

понедељак, 16. октобар 2017.

2nd Birthday!

2 years ago I wrote my first post.
I have to stay that opening a blog was one of the best decisions in my life. I meet so many wonderful people, had amazing collaborations and yet is more to come!
I wanna thank you all for being here with me every day, for supporting me, for commenting, for loving and just to know I love and appreciate every single one of you. Lets go to year no 3!

Pre dve godine napisala sam svoj prvi blog post.
Zahvaljujući blogu poznala sam divne ljude, imala sjajne saradnje, a najbolje tek sledi! Hvala svima što ste uz mene svaki dan, što me podržavate, volite, komentarišete i hoću da znate da cenim i volim svakog od vas! Idemo u treću godinu! :)

blouse/bluza Zara
skirt/suknja Zara
bag/torba Armani
sunglasses/naocare Misoni
watch/sat D&G

петак, 13. октобар 2017.

Fashion 71.net

Hello lovely people!
Today I want to show you new online shopping site Fashion71.net
Thanks to fashion 71 you can be glam and fashionable every time with good prices for high quality clothes.
This time I want to show you my new fantastic dress/trench coat with embroidered details, you can shop it HERE.
What do you think, do you like it? :)

Zdravo dragi moji, još jedan post za danas je tu. 
Želim da vas upoznam sa novim online sajtom Fashion71.net
Sa njima sam ostvarila fantastičnu saradnju i ove jeseni očekujte puno postova sa njihovom garederobom. Zahvaljujući ovom sajtu možete biti veoma glamurozni i moderni uz povoljne cene. A sva garderoba je visokog kvaliteta.
Ovaj put želim da vam pokažem haljinu/mantil, sa prelepim vezenim detaljma. Možete je pogledati OVDE.
Nadam se da vam se dopada. :)

dress/haljina Fashion 71 net
skirt/suknja PS fashion
bag/torba Guess
sunglasses/naocare Moschino
watch/sat Guess