недеља, 29. април 2018.

ZAFUL maxi dress

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
Summer not officially start, but the heat we're experiencing these days tells us it's already here. How to bear the city heat? In pretty maxi dresses, of course! ;) 
Today I present you my new maxi dress (HERE) from Zaful. I hope you like it! :)

Zdravo dragi moji, dobro došli na moj blog!
Leto nije počelo jedino kalendarski. Inače je tu odavno, toplije nego ikad čini mi se. Kako izdržati nepodnošljivu vrućinu u gradu nego u dugim lepršavim haljinama? ;) Jednu takvu, sa Zafula sam nosila za vikend, pogledajte je OVDE. Nadam se da vam se dopada! :) 

dress/haljina Zaful
bag/torba Parfois
sunglasses/naočare Gucci
watch/sat DKNY
ring/prsten Zaful 

четвртак, 26. април 2018.

Yellow love

It's time for a new outfit post! I've loved yellow since forever I think, and since it is a trendy colour this spring and summer, you will see me wearing it a lot. Love matching it with red. I hope you like! :)

Vreme je za novi outfit post! Žutu boju volim oduvek, a ovog proleća (a i  leta) je jedna od aktuelnih boja, tako da ćete je sigurno dosta viđati na meni. Najviše volim da je kombinujem sa crvenom. Nadam se da se i vama dopada! :)

jacket/jakna Zara (HERE)
dress/haljina Katrin
bag/torba Mona (HERE)
sunglasses/naočare Gucci

среда, 25. април 2018.

ZAFUL spring wishlist

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
For today's post I prepared little shopping guide on where to find affordable clothes online. One of my favorite online stores - ZAFUL has a great selection of spring clothes at super affordable prices.
What kind of this clothes are you waring this spring? 
Which one of the above is your fave?

Rosegal dresses

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
For today's post I prepared little shopping guide on where to find affordable dresses online. One of my favorite online stores - ROSEGAL has a great selection of dresses at super affordable prices. Spring is here nd it's time to freshen up our wardrobes with some cool trendy dresses. On Rosegal you'll find many beautiful dresses in different styles, colors, textures and patterns. There's really something for everyone's taste. I have picked a couple of dresses to share with you. there are really planty lovely designs but these few especially caught my attention. What is your favorite dress style? Which of these dress do you like best?


понедељак, 23. април 2018.

Spring streetstyle

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog! 
Today I present you this spring outfit. This beautiful blouse (HERE) are from Zaful. This outfit is super stylish and very comfy. It's so feminine! Also check out this lovely bag from Rosegal (HERE). I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Zdravo dragi moji i danas sam tu sa novim outfit postom. 
Tu sam da vam pokažem novu Zaful bluzu (OVDE) i Rosegal torbicu (OVDE). Obožavam ovu kombinaciju, tako je romantična i savršena za prolećne dane. Nadam se da se i vama svidja, uživajte! 

blouse/tunika Zaful
skirt/suknja Zara
watch/sat DKNY
ring/prsten PS fashion
bag/torba Rosegal 
sunglasses/naočare Missoni

петак, 20. април 2018.


Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog!
So, in this post, I will share with you another online shop called Bhfhair.com
You can tell by the name this is the shop where you can find hair extensions but exclusively on BHF Hair you can find amazing human hair ponytail extensions

Human hair ponytail extensions is chemically unprocessed human hair from a single donor.This hair means that the hair it must meet rigorous standards including:100% human hair,all the cuticle layers intact,all the cuticles facing the same direction,the hair will never tangle free,not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, chemically processed in any way. On the photo at the beginning of the post, you can see example of extensions you can find on this web shop.

My favorute is hair is:
- ponytail
- ponytail hairstyles 
- ponytail extension

I think these extensions look so natural and beautiful. I was never type of the person who likes fake hair like extensions or wigs but BHF Hair looks so cool and natural. They have so many options you can select while searching for your perfect extensions which is amazing. Their wide range guarantees you you will be able to find just right extensions for your hair which will look natural and beautiful. 
Sometimes,  treating long hair can be exhausting (believe me, I know it) and some women don't want or have no time to deal with it. So, I think these extensions are great choice when it comes to special occasions where you want that long hair to be able to make lovely elegant hairstyles. 
I recommend you checking out this web shop.
Thank you so much for reading! That was all for this post and if you liked it, be sure to let me know down below and also tell me your opinion on extensions and/or wigs. 
Love you all so much and talk to you really soon!

среда, 18. април 2018.

Red details

Hello lovely people, welcome to my new post! I really like this red combo, hope you will too! Check out this lovely red shirt from ZAFUL (here)

Zdravo dragi moji, dobro došli na moj blog! 
Meni se jako sviđa ova crvena kombinacija, nadam se da će i vama! Opuštena i prolećna. Ovu divnu tuniku možete pogledati na ZAFULU (ovde)

blouse/tunika Zaful
dress/haljina Katrin
bag/torba Rosegal (here)
sunglasses/naočare Gucci
earrings/mindjuse Rosegal (here)