среда, 27. новембар 2019.

Shapewear bodysuits

Hello lovely people, welcome back to my blog! Hope you are all fine today! We have a fashionable topic for you today that I believe you will love! We will be checking out a great new online store that offers you something to make you feel your best self-confident self. If this works for you, then keep on reading! Today we will be chatting about Shapellx.com online store that specializes in shapewear, corsets, bodysuits, waist trainers and much more! Whether you are petite, plus size or anywhere in between, in this store you can find something that will easily help your body look its best and make you feel more confident than ever. 

Every women should have the luxury to feel beautiful and stylish. We all think that we have so many flaws when it comes to our body, and sometimes we know just what we want to cover or reshape to make ourselves feel better and prettier. There are some amazing styles and fits on this website when it comes to best body shaper . I did not even know how many options you can choose from! There are bodysuits, tanks, camis, waist trimmers, shaping shorts, shaping panties, lifters for your behind and corsets. You can always check out their sale section if you are looking for something pretty on a bargain.
If you are looking for shapewear waist trainer for women for sale, this site is the right place. Anybody can achieve a skinnier waist by wearing a corset. And by choosing the right garment for your body shape, you can ensure your waist trainer will always be comfortable on your body. It’s all about finding the right material and the right fit. The effects of wearing a waist trainer are instant. You'll look 1, 2 or even 3 sizes smaller as soon as you put on the garment. Waist training is also a great way to supplement the long-term slimming goals from your fitness routine. The beauty of waist training is that the slimming and posture correction is instant! If you're trying waist training to supplement a fitness routine, results vary widely depending on your fitness level, when you start, how dedicated you are to your waist training regimen, your diet and exercise, and even your genetics. Waist training is most effective when used as part of an all-around healthy lifestyle

There are more than a few reasons this might be just the store for your next shopping. Their fabrics include amazing materials and those are combined with various kinds of first-class and other amazing special materials. They own quality certificates as well. They offer you unique design experience, amazing cheap bodysuits for women, bye the way, and every women need this. They offer you custom made service in case you want to change a fit or something about an existing design. What do you think about favorites I picked out for you? Also my favorite is Shapellx shapewear.

What do you think of these products my lovelies? Do you wear shapewear or waist trainer? Feel free to let me know!

недеља, 24. новембар 2019.

Dresslily black dress

Hello lovely people, welcome to my new post! For today black outfit. With the whole black outfit you will never make a mistake. You will always look sophisticated and feminine. Lady elegant. Enjoy! 
Link for dress: https://www.dresslily.com/plus-size-embroidered-split-sheer-product3088040.html?lkid=64406805
Coupon code for 20% off: DLBF20

Zdravo dragi moji, evo me sa novim outfit postom! 
Za danas crna kombinacija sa veoma zanimljivim detaljima. Sa crnom nikada ne možete pogrešiti. Uvek ćete biti ženstveni i elegantni. Uživajte!
Haljina je sa sajta Dresslily i možete je pogledati ovde
Kod za 20% popusta: DLBF20

bag/torba Dresslily
sunglasses/naočare Zara
shoes/sandalete Deichamann


Hello lovely people, welcome to my new post! I created wishlist with clothes at one new online store Callabuy.com  for you. This shop is place where you can find gorgeous clothing items with affordable prices. I am here today to present you few products which I find interesting and among which most of you can find at least one product you'll like. Keep reading to find out more! I choose today to write my wishlist for you.

Today I choose too show you: cheap long dressesThere are many great discounts and sales on the web shop you don't have to miss out! I will share with you few fashion tops for women from this shop. Spring is here and all of you knows that we always need to new stuff, so we can make this time of year more fashionable. New and favorite colors for this season is white and orange and floral prints, so I get it as must have. The fact is that now you can play with colors and shapes, you can express yourself properly. 

The second category are cheap clothes for women . Dresses I am sharing in this post also in different styles.I am doing this so you could be introduced into this online shop the best, I mean, so you could see you cand find more different styles there. I like the both style and I would wear them both, and I am already wearing similar outfit to these! Do you like these styles? Visit this site and enjoying!

субота, 23. новембар 2019.


Hello lovely people! I know that I started to be boring because of this all wishlist posts, but there is a reason for it. I want to introduce you many new but also old online shops that I used to work with. Todays post is about a new online shop: Ninacloak.com
Winter is coming! I created the wishlist with new arrivals and so cute clothing  for you. 

This site have simple mission to give young people the opportunity to express them selves through high quality fashion at an affordable price. For this purpose we collected for you the best looks from the catwalks and from the streets to create comfortable, high quality, fashionable clothing, and make it available for everybody at an affordable prices. 
I choose items I like the most, I hope you like it. My favorite is women's outerwear 
Happy shopping!

понедељак, 18. новембар 2019.

Green outfit

Hello lovely people! I hope you have a beautiful day! 
Today I have a very casual, but very fashionable post for you.
I love mixing white and green - it looks super soft and cute!
Do you like it this outfit?
All outfit is Dresslily.
Coupon code for 20% off: DL1978

Zdravo dragi moji, evo mene i danas sa novim outfit postom!
Danas imam veoma casual, ali opet veoma ženstven i podosta sredjen outfit. 
Obožavam miks bele i zelene. 
Da li se i vama dopada? 
Sve što danas nosim je sa sajta Dresslily.
Kupon kod za 20% popusta: DL1978

dress/haljina Dresslily
bag/torba Dresslily
sunglasses/naocare Dresslily
necklace/ogrlica PS fashion
shoes/cipele Deichmann

Lady Prom Dress UK

Hello lovely people and welcome to my blog! Happy Monday!
Today I present you amazing online shop Lady Prom Dress UK
This site is grat webstore for buy perfect dresses, because today I want to talk about their dresses. Amazing dresses for different styles, colors and designs for all sizes at best prices.Their dresses are unique and there are to many of so picking the perfect dress is realy hard. :) Dresses are made of beautiful and high-quality materials (lace, silk, satin, chiffon). They are of exellent and fits perfectly for everyone. Their selection is huge, but I have two favorite cathegory.
Prom gowns online -  their collection features many amazing dresses in different styles, fabrics, lengths and in any color of the rainbow you can think of. There's a dress for everyone and for everyone's needs and taste in fashion, as well as budget. Made of fabrics such as: lace, organza, tulle, satin, etc. there are many options available for you to choose from.
Whatever your personal style and taste in fashion is, if you like girly, elegant, simple or edgy clothing there's a dream dress waiting for you on their website, check out their Long prom gowns selection today. These dresses are super cute, right? Prom night is very important event for many girls. It's the perfect opportunity to show off your taste in fashion and a good fashion sense. With one of the dresses from this store you'll surely make heads turn and be the star of your prom.
Let me know what do you think of my selection. :) Check their site for many, many more beautiful dresses!



четвртак, 14. новембар 2019.

Rosegal floral dress

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the new post on my blog! Happy Friday!
This autumn there is so many cute flover prints in fashion and I love all of them! One of my absolute all time favorite is the floral print and it is everywhere this year and that really made me happy! This time I want to present you this gorgeous dress (here) from Rosegal online store.  
I hope you like it! Enjoy!
Coupon code for 22% off: RGT20

Zdravo dragi moji, dobro došli na moj blog! 
Tu sam da vam pokažem ovu divnu maxi haljinu sa printom cveća u beloj boji. 
Stigla mi je sa sajta Rosegal, i možete je pogledati ovde.
Uživajte! :)
Kod za 22% popusta je: RGT20

bag/torba Rosegal
shoes/cipele Deichman

уторак, 12. новембар 2019.

Golden autumn day

Hello lovely people, welcome back to my blog! 
One casual autumn outfit today. 
Two colors, black and red is my suggestion for the sunny November days. 
Do you like it? :) Enjoy, I wish you a nice day! :) 
Coupon code for 20% off on Dresslily site: DL1978

Zdravo dragi moji da li i vi uživate u ovim sunčanim jesenjim danima? 
Za danas kombinacija dve boje crne i crvene, idealna za tople novembarske dane.
Da li se i vama dopada? :) Uživajte u vikendu! :)
PS. Haljina mi je stigla sa sajta Dresslily i možete je pogledati - OVDE
Kod za 20% popusta je: DL1978

среда, 06. новембар 2019.

Shein embroidered dress

Hello lovely people, welcome back to my blog!
Today I prepared for you what I love the most: an outfit post with a long dress! This beautiful dress (HERE) are from my favorite online store Shein. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! :) 
Dress: 775101
PS. Discount code for 15% off: 59markovic15

Zdravo dragi moji, dobro došli na moj blog! 
Danas sam pripremila za vas ono što najviše volite, outfit post sa dugom haljinom. Ova lepotica mi je stigla sa sajta Shein i pogledajte je OVDE.
Nadam se da vam se dopada! :) 
Haljina: 775101
PS. Kupon kod za popust od 15%: 59markovic15