среда, 29. март 2017.


One of my favourite outfits lately, something a bit different, but so cool, that I got so many compliments on it. You know, blue is one of my favorite colors of all time. Beauty of this shade of blue is that it suits everyone, and it looks very smart, classic and elegant. I love mixing it with red, for a very clean look, something effortlessly chic. 
Do you like it? :) Also what  you think about my new hair? Now I have curls. :)

Ovo je jedna od mojih omiljenih kombinacija u poslednje vreme, nešto malo drugačije, ali cool. Znate i sami da je plava moja omiljena boja. Lepota ove boje jeste to što odlično stoji svakome i izgleda veoma sofisticirano, klasično i elegantno. Obožavam da je kombinujem sa bordo, ako želim jednostavnu, a chic kombinaciju. 
Da li se i vama dopada? I da li ste primetili moju novu frizuru, sada imam lokne. :)

coat/mantil Tfy
skirt/suknja Zara
bag/torba Carpisa
sunglasses/naocare Versace (similar here)
scarf/marama Zara
ring/prsten PS fashion

понедељак, 27. март 2017.


Hello lovely people, happy Monday! Hope you are all fine today!
Today I want to write blog post about women's healt. It's very very very important to take care of yourself after a stressful day even more.

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For many women, taking a pregnancy and pregnancy test can be stressful. It can bring up many emotions, including excitement and fear. But knowing you are pregnant as soon as possible can help you make the decisions that are right for you. 
Somethimes women need to take medicines during pregnancy for healt problems (like depressions, morning sickness, diabetes...) Because dear women always talk with your doctor.

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Review for best baby swing - this is a very important purchase because sometimes it's hiding undesirable consequences, this product must be totally safe and best quality.
All  parents probably searching for a baby swing that will calm your baby. 
A good swing will give you options. Rock baby from side to side, backwards and forwards, up and down. Your baby will love it. Choosing the best baby swing can provide your little one with a comfy, safe place that simulates the motion and sounds of the womb to lull them from fussy to relaxed in minutes flat. Regarding price, full-size baby swings are the most expensive type of baby swings. If you want to buy a quality full-size baby swing, expect to fork out over $100 for it.

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четвртак, 23. март 2017.


Must have fashion trend for this spring?Trench coat! 
A trench coat is a timeless classic piece of garment which never fades from fashion. It's a definete must have piece. That's because it gives us an aristocratic and elegant look. This is  from Modna kuća Mona.
I hope you like it! Thanks a lot for reading! Enjoy! :)

Glavni modni trend ovog proleća? Mantil, definitivno! To je komad odeće koji svako treba da poseduje. Ne izlazi iz mode, uvek vam da otmen i elegantan izgled.
Ovaj koji danas možete videti na slikama je iz Modne kuće Mona. Nadam se da vam se dopada! Uživajte u lepom danu! :)

coat/mantil Mona
skirt/suknja Zara
bag/torba David Jones
sunglasses/naocare Missoni
scarf/marama HM

среда, 22. март 2017.

Shein spring wishlist

Hello lovely people! 
I'm here with my new wishlist. 
I want to show you some cool items from Shein online shop which are perfect for Spring! You have all links below the pictures. Enjoy!


понедељак, 20. март 2017.

New hair color

Hello lovely people!  New post, new hair color! So as you can see my hair is GREY! The result is quite subtle but still bold enough for a new look. I’m really excited to show you my new look! Curious what you think, let me know in the comments! 
Back to my outfit! I love trench coat. So this outfit makes perfect spring combo.
How do you like it?

Zdravo dragi moji! Novi post, nova boja kose! Kao što vidite moja kosa je sada SIVA. Pre par dana sam se ofarbala i oduševljena sam ovom novom promenom. I veoma se radujem da je podelim sa vama. Zanima me da li se i vama dopada? Jedva čekam da čujem vaše mišljenje u komentarima! :)
Da se vratimo na outfit, obožavam mantile, a ovaj koji danas nosim je savršen za proleće.

trench coat/mantil PS fashion click here
bag/torba Carpisa
sunglasses/naocare Missoni

уторак, 14. март 2017.

#ootd Zara Embroidered Jacket

Hello lovely people! 
You know how much I love Zara jacket! This is my favorute jacket ever!
It is perfect for sprinng, very light and comfy. This outfit can be worm in many occasions. I wont talk a lot about it cause you will see everything!
Do you like it? Have a nice day!

Zdravo dragi moji! 
Znate i sami koliko volim Zarine jakne, a ovo je moja najomiljenija jakna ikada!
Definitivno komad za sva vremena i stvar koju u svom garderoberu morate imati ovog proleća. Recite mi da li vam se dopada i da li vi uživate u ovim divnim sunčanim danima?

jacket/jakna Zara
skirt/suknja Tom Tailor
bag/torba DJ
sunglasses/naocare Missoni

петак, 10. март 2017.

Zaful coat

Hello lovely people, happy Friday! One of the outfits that i took few days ago and finally i am sharing it with you. Navy and red is always a good combo. This cute coat is from Zaful. Definitely check them out. Enjoy in the weekend!

Zdravo dragi moji! Ovo je jedan od outfita koji sam nosila pre par dana i konačno je došlo vreme da ga podelim sa vama. Crvena i teget su uvek dobra kombinacija. 
Ovaj prelepi kaput sam dobila od online prodavnice Zaful i možete ga pogledati ovde. Uzivajte u vikendu!

coat/kaput Zaful (here)
brooch/broš Dresslily (here)
skirt/suknja Zara
bag/torba Carpisa by Cruz
sunglasses/naocare Missoni
ring/prsten PSfashion