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Zaful Summer Fashion

Hello lovely people! I created wishlist with new arrivals at Zaful for you. 
Here are items I like the most, I hope you like it. There's a little bit of everything, clothes, shoes and accessories. Zaful is definitely one of my fave online shopping destinations because their offer is always following the latest trends, and the prices are more than affordable. 
Today I want to present you my wishlist!
Here are some items that I like the most from their assortment.
Happy shopping!

Coupon code: ZafulW

(if they buy 25$, they just need pay 22$,if they buy 50$, they just need pay 44$.. )  

Today I want to present you  swimwear.
It's very important to choose a good looking swimwear for your curves. This online store have a nice selection, so you can choose if you want a high waisted bikini or string bikini, they have the best for you.

One- Shoulder Swimsuits
Wearing one-shoulder outfits have been trending for years but a one-shoulder swimsuit? That speaks style and edge. It is something different from the norm and can take your swimwear from an ordinary wear-this-to-swim outfit to an actual stylish fit.

Outfits that reveal or play-on the shoulders have been trending for about two years now and swimsuit designs aren’t left out.


Crocheted Swimwear

Crochets have always been a cool idea. So, why not add them to your swimwear collection? Crocheted items are airy, fun and allow for creativity. The great thing about a crocheted swimwear is that you can style it to other places, aside from the pool or beach, which I will show you as we go on in this post. Predictions say crocheted swimwears will really rock this summer, so I advise you cop yours before the prices swallow yeast and swell up!


Strapped swimsuits - are great because they are firm and hold every part of your body in place. The straps serve as an extra support to your body. It is also great for women who are chubby as if gotten in the right size, creates a perfect fit and makes them look confident and stylish at the same time.


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