петак, 27. октобар 2017.


Hello lovely people! How are you?
I know that I started to be boring because of this all wishlist posts, but there is a reason for it. I want to introduce you many new but also old online shops that I used to work with. Todays post is about a new online shop: Dresshead.com
They wanted me to write a post about knee lenght dresses that I gladly accepted, because I'm a big fan of those dresses. They are so beautiful and they make the girls with bigger hipps and smaller waist, look very sexy. There are knee lenght dresses with different shapes for all body shapes. I just said one which I preffer. You can find at DRESSHEAD.com every shape you want. 


DRESSHEAD.com has more than dresses. 
ust  visit their website and see for yourself. I hope I can bring you more posts about DRESSHEAD.com
You have some examples for the knee lenght dresses below. 
I picked the ones I like.

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  1. Chulísima la selección de vestidos de hoy.

    Te dejo mi nuevo post, mola un montón