недеља, 05. март 2017.


I'm a common girl from new Zealand.Browsing online stores every day.Looking for nice and cheap clothes just like the others.

Recently, I found a nice slit dress which cost me only a little.After waiting for few days I've finally receive the package.The package is a little bit squeezed but the product inside is fine.It must have been through a long journey.

The dress is in a good shape.I immediately put it on after unboxing .It fits me so well.The fabric is quite decent.It feels very soft and I like that feeling.  

To be honest I never thought it would be so well made.Guess I’m lucky to find this.Definitely gonna wear it outside for these days.

I'll leave the dress link down below just in case someone wants it.

Shop it here

Site: www.yoshop.com

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  1. Nice stuff! Lovely photos ❀

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