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How to wear BAG this summer?

Hello everyone! 
For today a little different post. 

The question is: What is fashion and what style and trend?
The term fashion for each of us represents a different thing. For someone it is art, play, enjoyment, while for some it's just a dress. 
For me fashion is a game without borders, a style is something you are born.
Trends are shifthing speed of light depends on the inspiration and mood, while the style is marked by force and individuality person, The style attracts attention because it is always unigue and peculiar to one person.

If there is one item that I am always, ALWAYS on the look out for when I'm shopping it's a new bag! Sure this obession causes me to literally stumble throug my closet sifting through clutches, etc to find my favorite pair of sandals, but I don't really care. Because much like a good bag can complete an outfit.

The bag is something that is an important piece of each of us. We have plenty of them and we are always looking for new ones, it is an essential part of every outfit, reflects our character and dressing style. 

I really like bags... Handbags, shoulder bags, clutches, tote, backpacks... So, today I'm rounding up 6 of my favorute bags for summer.

My favorite model are crossbody bag, like Moschino, Chanel, Furla brand.
A popular accessory at music festivals, for sightseeing, travel and for times when you need your hands free, crossbody bags feature a strap long enough to hand on your shoulder and across your body. 

Crossbody bags also offer maximum security compared to most purses, as it can be difficult to swipe when the strap us across your body. The hands free style of this type of purse makes it a great "grab and go" accessorz while freeing you up to not worry about the strain of carrying a bag on your shoulder. 

Which is your favorite model bags this summer?

(images downloaded from the website www.shutterstock.com)

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  1. Savršene torbe :)
    Favorit mi je moschino :) cmok

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  3. Hello, I love the white one with the Pop Art. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana from Magische Farbwelt

  4. hey, what lovely bags. i mostly wear one with a star applicated :). nothing special, but useful.
    have a nice day.

  5. You probably choose the best bag for us. .. Good dear

  6. Oh very cute bags darling! I really like the last bag


  7. wow, amazing! Great post and your bags are on my wishlist now ;) I love this from Moschino, is crazy, really.


  8. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


  9. Great bags, I like the Moschino bag from the second photo.
    Enjoy your day!
    Xoxo, Victoria


  10. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  11. love bags, very beautiful collection

  12. I really like bags in Furla's style too! :)


  13. All the Handbag is adorable! If choose, my favorite model too, crossbody or backpack, because I love when hands are free))
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